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2021 Wyoming OO Champion Kennedy Nicole Thompson On Narrowing and Improving Your Original Oratory

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Happy New Year from One Clap! Today on Speech Love from One Clap Speech and Debate, Kennedy Nicole Thompson, a four-year Rock Springs HS Tiger, successful PF debater, and the 2021 Wyoming State Champion in Original Oratory dropped in for a chat with Lyle.


In a previous Speech Spotlight episode, Kennedy shared her State Championship Original Oratory entitled: "Mad Woman." In our conversation, Kennedy discussed her nerd level (including a shocking revelation about Kennedy's "Star Wars" experience) and her Speech and Debate story. She talked about what she enjoys about Original Oratory, gave some great advice for others pursuing a great oratory, and also specifically discussed the inception, the development, and the speaking moves in her “Mad Woman” oratory. We also talked about the joys of debate partnerships and the virtues of jolly ranchers.

Don't miss Kennedy's Speech Spotlight Episode (where you can listen to "Mad Woman"):


Thanks so much to Kennedy for coming on the podcast and sharing her speech, her time, her experiences, and her insights.

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