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A Long Winter's Clap: 12 Days of Speech and Debate Event Overviews with Resources is on the Way

Happy Holidays! I apologize for the One Clap hiatus - but a new holiday project for One Clap listeners is in the works. A Long Winter's Clap: 12 Days of Speech and Debate Event Overviews and Resources is coming at you just in time for the Holiday break.


For these episodes, One Clap will be delivering a stocking stuffer of event overviews and resources that I hope will be helpful for novice judges, coaches, and competitors.

For each of these episodes I will provide a quick overview of the chosen event, a couple of spicy and sweet tips for each event from expert coaches or competitors, and links to helpful resources on the website to help you rock your performance, assist your student, or judge your round with confidence. These overviews are not meant to be comprehensive, but should hopefully give you some information on each event and then provide resources for an independent deep dive for listeners.

Watch for these episodes and resources soon!


If you have any ideas for the podcast or would like to help out with content here at One Clap Speech and Debate, send me a message on the website or an email ( As the Speech and Debate season hits its stride, I have less time to create content for the podcast and the website. But, I'll continue to do my best to get usable, inspirational, and helpful content out there.


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