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Camp One Clap Day 11: Croc Hiking with E-Z Platform - Counselors Ella (E) and Zcherina (Z), Ep. 2

Howdy, Campers! It's time to strap on some Crocs, grab some jerky, lather some sunscreen on your neck, and get ready for some hiking! Welcome back to Day 11 of Camp One Clap at One Clap Speech and Debate. Today Counselor Ella Goodman and Zcherina Villegas share part two of their four part series - Croc Hiking with E-Z Platform.


Zcherina's Camp Bio:

Although this is her first time on One-Clap, this will be Zcherina’s fourth year competing in speech and debate at Cheyenne East High School. In her speech and debate career, she has done events like Drama and LD but considers OO to be home base. You will most likely catch Zcherina at camp raving about oratory in all its greatness. However, since she will be a senior this fall, she is hoping to branch out into other events to try something new... but don’t expect her to stray too far from home!

Ella's camp bio should be up with next week's post!

Thanks so much to Camp Counselors Ella Goodman and Zcherina Villegas of E-Z Platform for sharing some of their brilliance with us here at Camp One Clap! They will return for more Croc Hiking on episode three next Friday !


Don't miss today's marvelous new episode of Professor Graham and Kevin's ABC's of Debate: Hominem (ad-Hominem).


Tomorrow, is another exciting day at camp: We'll be at the campfire whipping up some Saturday Supplemental S'mores with Counselor Clara Luzmoor. Also, Professor Graham and Kevin’s ABCs of Debate shall continue to entertain and educate with another breathtaking episode.


Camp One Clap Social Media Challenge for Day 11 of Camp:

Share a humorous story or blooper from a speech or debate event. Laughter bonds the community, so let's enjoy some lighthearted moments!

I'll be posting my answers on the One Clap Speech and Debate TikTok channel! Be sure to tag our social media accounts or use the hashtag #CampOneClap23 when you post. I’m shifting the reward structure a bit for challenges to include One Clap prizes for more people! If you interact with a monthly challenge 10 times you can receive a holographic Camp One Clap sticker. If you interact 25 times you can receive several stickers, a One Clap coaster, and a Camp One Clap magnet!


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