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Camp One Clap Day 14: Counselor Campfire Chat with NSDA Student of Year Runner Up, Abiah George

Up and at ‘em, Campers! We’ve arrived at Day 14 here at Camp One Clap on the One Clap Speech and Debate Podcast, and it's time for a pleasant, inspiring, and enlightening Counselor Campfire Chat with NSDA Student of the Year runner up, Abiah George!



Camp Counselor Bio: Hi, I’m Abiah George. I graduated from Aberdeen Central High School. Over the four years, I’ve competed in Public Forum, IX, and Oratory in the state circuit and expository and impromptu at the nats circuit. I was honored to be the NSDA Student of the Year national runner up this year. Last year my partner and I placed 19th in the nation in Public Forum and won state this year. I’m a two time state runner up in International Extemp and broke to top 60 at nationals this year. I broke top 60 in both impromptu and expository this year as well. I am also an Academic All American. I truly believe that speech and debate is one of the strongest catalyst for change within our communities, and that it provides an outlet for us to be solution oriented change makers.


Thanks so much to Abiah George for joining us here at Camp One Clap for a lovely Counselor Campfire Chat. Abiah has a big future, and it was such a privilege to speak with this amazing student and competitor for camp!

What’s new at camp tomorrow? Camp One Clap Quiz Clash with Counselor Londe Gagnon returns for round two. Hunter McComie (Team Lyle!) from Riverton will be met by challenger Maile Williams (Team Londe!) from Riverton. Also, Counselor Adrian Graham will drop another supergenius (or perhaps supervillain) episode of Professor Graham and Kevin’s ABCs of Debate.

In case you missed it, here is Professor Graham and Kevin's episode for today... can I kick it?:


Camp One Clap Social Media Challenge for Day 14 of Camp:

Share an inspiring quote related to speech and debate, and explain how it resonates with your journey.

I'll be posting my answers on the One Clap Speech and Debate TikTok channel! Be sure to tag our social media accounts or use the hashtag #CampOneClap23 when you post. I’m shifting the reward structure a bit for challenges to include One Clap prizes for more people! If you interact with a monthly challenge 10 times you can receive a holographic Camp One Clap sticker. If you interact 25 times you can receive several stickers, a One Clap coaster, and a Camp One Clap magnet!


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