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Camp One Clap Day 27: Interp Survival Guide with Counselor Izzy Garcia, Ep. 4

Greetings, Campers! It is yet another glorious day here at Camp One Clap on the One Clap Speech and Debate Podcast, and today - on Day 27 - we’re back to continue to help interpers survive in the wilds of Speech and Debate terrain that is the upcoming season! Camp Counselor Izzy Garcia is back to assist us in the navigation of interpretive competition with the final episode of the Interp Survival Guide - “The Philosophy of Interp.” 👏🏕️🌲


Camp Counselor Izzy Garcia cares about delivering the best Camp One Clap experience and keeping you safe from the scary world of interpretation! National qualifier in Original Oratory and performer in Duo, Drama, POI, Poetry and newly turned coach, Izzy is determined to not only keep you safe from the wilderness, but teach the masses about all things speech and debate survival. Education and advocacy in the world of speech and debate is paramount. Every good performance must be matched with even better self-care practices and performance techniques. The Interp Survival Guide is all you need to tackle the scary world of performance and beyond!


Many thanks to Camp Counselor Izzy Garcia for providing a whole lot of foundational ideas and tools for surviving in the intense world of interp with the Interp Survival Guide. I sure enjoyed Izzy’s series, and I’m looking forward to seeing Izzy on the tournament trail this season and working with them on more awesome One Clap content in the future!

What’s next for Camp One Clap? Tomorrow we’ll be joined by NSDA Student of the Year Finalist and all around Speech and Debate superstar Dani Schulz for a Counselor Campfire Chat. Also, Camp Counselor Adrian Graham will drop even more debate video blockbusters with a new daily episode of Professor Graham and Kevin’s ABCs of Debate.

In case you missed it, here is Professor Graham and Kevin's fire Debate ABC's episode for today and, yeah, it's pretty unique:


Camp One Clap Social Media Challenge for Day 27 of Camp:

Selfie Sunday! Share some selfies from your Speech and Debate Team and competition community!

I'll be posting my answers on the One Clap Speech and Debate TikTok channel! Be sure to tag our social media accounts or use the hashtag #CampOneClap23 when you post. I’m shifting the reward structure a bit for challenges to include One Clap prizes for more people! If you interact with a monthly challenge 10 times you can receive a holographic Camp One Clap sticker. If you interact 25 times you can receive several stickers, a One Clap coaster, and a Camp One Clap magnet!


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