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Camp One Clap Day 9: Capture the Congress Crown with Counselor Alexis Worthen, Ep. 2

Howdy, campers! It’s another beautiful day at Camp One Clap. Congress competitors, get ready, because today - on day 9 of Camp - Counselor Alexis Worthen is sharing part two of her series: Capturing the Congress Crown - Definitions and Play-by-Plays. 🏕️👏👑


Alexis Worthen is a quad-ruby and Academic All-American, formerly debating for Natrona County High School. She is also a 3x Nationals competitor. Alexis has competed in a wide variety of events, but has stuck with Public Forum, Extemp, and Congressional Debate for the longest. She will be heading off to Simmons University in the fall, studying political science and public policy. Alexis is joining Camp One Clap, serving as a Congress Counselor. Over the next five weeks, she’ll go over some key tips and tricks to help you capture your congress crown.


Thanks so much to Camp Counselor Alexis Worthen for helping us aspire to Congress royalty! Episode 3 of Capturing the Congress Crown will drop next Tuesday at Camp One Clap.

Tomorrow, there’s more excitement at camp: The second episode of Troop Leader Talk with Counselor Marcus Viney and Counselor Bailey Patterson will hit the airwaves! Troop Leader Talk explores what it means to lead your troop (as a coach) and prepare students to navigate the world with clarity, courage, and the spirit of a true champion. Additionally, Counselor Adrian Graham will continue to help debaters master the basics in his ingenious video series, Professor Graham and Kevin’s ABCs of Debate.

In case you missed it, here is Professor Graham and Kevin's excellent episode for today:


Camp One Clap Social Media Challenge for Day 9 of Camp:

Dedicate a post to your favorite Speech and Debate event. Why do you love it so much? What elements of this event make it so special to you?

Be sure to tag our social media accounts or use the hashtag #CampOneClap23 when you post. I’m shifting the reward structure a bit for challenges to include One Clap prizes for more people! If you interact with a monthly challenge 10 times you can receive a holographic Camp One Clap sticker. If you interact 25 times you can receive several stickers, a One Clap coaster, and a Camp One Clap magnet!

I'll be posting my challenge responses on the One Clap Speech and Debate TikTok channel: @oneclapspeechanddebate


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