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Cheyenne Central Standout, Whitney Brooks, Considers Oratory, Student Leadership, & Fruit Snacks

Today on One Clap Speech Love, Whitney Brooks dropped in for a really fun and enlightening discussion. The three-year Cheyenne Central Senior and 2022 Wyoming State Champion Original Orator is the president of the talented Central squad that captured the 4A Wyoming State Championship trophy this season. In a previously aired Speech Spotlight episode, Whitney shared her conspiratorial oratory: “Down the Rabbit Hole.” We talked about this thought-provoking speech and a whole lot more!


In our conversation, Whitney discussed her Speech and Debate story - how she got involved in this world and what makes her embrace a leadership role in her Speech community. She talked about what she loves about Original Oratory, gave some great advice for others pursuing oratory success, and also specifically discussed the inception, the development, and the speaking moves in her “Down the Rabbit Hole” speech. We then got into the ways that students can take leadership roles on their teams and in the Speech and Debate community. Whitney revealed her terrible secret: she is a self-acclaimed band nerd! Additionally, we extolled the tenants of fruit snacks and Diet Coke as speech tourney snacks.

Don't miss Whitney's Speech Spotlight Episode:

Down the Rabbit Hole


Thanks so much to Whitney for coming by to chat. It was so fun to have her on the podcast, and I hope to have her back soon!

Whitney Brooks Quick Bio: Cheyenne Central Speech and Debate Competitor for three years, 2022 Central Team President, 2022 State Champion in Original Oratory, two-time National Qualifier in Original Oratory, Advancer to Octofinals in Original Oratory at the National Tournament, and self-proclaimed hardcore band nerd.


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