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Coach Connection: Podcast - Planning & Running Your Tournament Checklist w/ Coach Londe Gagnon

So, perhaps you are going to be planning and running a virtual or in-person tournament, and you don’t know where to start? And you are afraid… very afraid? Well, fear not, Clappers! Jackson Hole Speech and Debate Coach Londe Gagnon is here on the Coach Connection to tell you all about a helpful resource that she has created: the Planning and Running Your Speech and Debate Tournament Checklist.


My good friend Londe Gagnon is here to dispel your hosting demons and calm your fluttering nerves about hosting virtually or in-person. She has been working tab at tournaments for a long time now, and has been compiling resources to help coaches who are new to the process of hosting. On the ep, Londe and I chat about Halloween costumes, get a little wacky, and discuss the features of the super helpful checklist that Londe has created to help coaches organize and run a successful Speech and Debate Tournament.

The checklist is here:

Make a copy in your Google documents folder, and make use of this invaluable tournament resource today!

Many thanks to Londe for taking time to put up with me on the podcast and also for creating and sharing such a useful resource for the speech and debate community. Since the interview, Londe has helped tab a couple of tournaments, and she continues to make improvements on the checklist - which will be a living document. And you, dear listener, if you access the checklist and think of improvements, please reach out and let us know.


Shout outs: thank you to everyone who is a patron of One Clap Speech and Debate! Your kind gifts help keep this alive. Thank you to Marcus, Londe, Debbie, Missy, Ashley S, Beth, Laura, Brenda, Aaron, Terry, and Tina for your continued support! Thank you also to our new patrons -- Ashley M, Allen, Matt, and Joel! Check out our patreon page (HERE) if you’d like to join in support of One Clap Speech and Debate and partner with me on this journey!

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Our One Clap and Wyoming Speech and Debate community mourns with the Kramer family and the many others who loved and appreciated Mack Kramer - a Rock Springs and University of Wyoming debater who was tragically taken away from us too soon. Mack was a kind, hard-working, hilarious, brilliant soul, and they will be deeply missed. Rest in peace, Mack.


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