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Ep. 26: Danyon Satterlee, Poetry Nat Champ, Believes in Unique Opportunities For Wyo Competitors

This week's One Clap Speech and Debate Podcast brags yet another National Speech and Debate Champion guest from Wyoming. Danyon Satterlee, who won the National Championship trophy for Poetry in 2007 while competing for Powell High School, settled in for a conversation about her exhilarating National Tournament experience, the ways that Speech and Debate has shaped her life, and the unique opportunities that Wyoming competitors possess in the Speech and Debate world.


In 2007, Danyon Satterlee took the National Speech and Debate Tournament Stage by storm. She qualified for the tournament in Duo, but ultimately made her mark in the Poetry competition at Nats. Danyon not only finished first overall in her Poetry performance, she captured a first place ballot from seven of eight judges in the final round - talk about domination! After high school, Danyon competed for the Forensics Team at Northwest College in Powell before completing her Speech and Debate journey.

Danyon's life has been full of adventures since her triumphant departure from the Speech and Debate world. After completing college, she had the opportunity to work with the Sundance Institute (mostly in photo editing). She moved to Los Angeles, California, where she did work for a company called BFA (fashion, entertainment, and art creative work). These days, Danyon is employed with a computer coding and design company in Denver. She is a passionate advocate for women in technology fields.

Thanks so much to Danyon for making time to come by the podcast to share her story and her ideas for the Speech and Debate community. She clearly has a wealth of performance knowledge and experience that can benefit competitors and coaches, and it was a joy to have her on the podcast.


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