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Episode 1: Informational Sensational with Coach Marcus Viney

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Cheyenne East Speech and Debate Team Head Coach Marcus Viney goes deep about Speech Tourney snacks, our heated rivalry, and what makes Informative Speaking the bomb.


What makes a strong Informative Speech? How important is the visual aid? How can coaches help students get excited about writing and performing an Informative Speech? What TRULY is the BEST Speech and Debate Tournament coach snack?

These are just a few of the questions that Marcus and I talked about in the first official One Clap Podcast. Are we bitter rivals? Yes. Did I learn some great tips that might just be the key to taking down my nemesis? I sure hope so!

If you'd like some basic info about the parameters of Informative Speaking, check out the NSDA resources here: - go to Informative Speaking.

Marcus Viney has been the head coach at Cheyenne East High School for six years. He is an award winning Speech and Debate Coach of a powerhouse program at East. He teaches Speech, Debate, and English classes at East High School and really knows his stuff when it comes to snacking at tournaments.

Marcus has also left us a couple of cool Informative Resources below for coaches and competitors. Thanks for your time and for the ideas, Marcus!



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