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Episode 10: Rock Springs Policy Personalities, Jeremiah Etcheverry & Hanna Crockett, Talk CX Debate

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Like many Speech and Debate programs in Wyoming, Rock Springs High School Speech and Debate works hard to build Policy Debate Teams that can compete both on the Wyoming circuit and nationally. For the first time on the One Clap Pod, a coach and competitor came on the show together. Rock Springs Policy coach, Jeremiah Etcheverry, and Senior competitor, Hanna Crockett, shared their Speech and Debate experiences and then discussed Policy Debate specifically.


Senior Hanna Crockett, who recently qualified for the National Tournament this year in World Schools Debate, is a Rock Springs CX competitor who has a dynamite growth mindset, hopes to learn and grow as much as possible as a debater, and devours Coffee Nut M&M's to kick her debate energy to the next level.


Jeremiah Etcheverry is a former college debater who now coaches Policy Debate at Rock Springs. Jeremiah is passionate about helping his Tiger Debaters be the best they can be at every level. Additionally, he enjoys weird Cheese It flavors and believes strongly in the importance of an ice cold soda at every tournament.


Hanna and Jeremiah shared their Speech and Debate stories, and then we dove into a wide-view discussion about Policy Debate. We talked about ways to try to make the event more fun and accessible, why Policy is a great event for students, and we even spent a couple minutes eyeballing next year's CX topic.

Thank you to Hanna and Jeremiah for their willingness to share their stories, opinions, and ideas on the One Clap Pod!


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