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Episode 12: Hannah Hu Drops Truth About Platform Events & Problematic Tournament Snacks

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Hot Springs County High School Class of 2020 Graduate, Hannah Hu, despondent from an extremely long wait for her Animal Crossing edition Switch en route from Germany, came by for a visit on the One Clap Pod to chat about Oratory, Informative, and why tournament snacks are overrated.


Hannah isn't just an Animal Crossing enthusiast (although she certainly that). She is an outstanding platform speaker who just earned her second trip to the National Speech and Debate Tournament this summer. Last year, she traveled to Nationals in Dallas, TX, with an Informative Speech about beauty - this year, it is her Oratory about the complex relationship between logic and emotion that is her vehicle to the online National Tournament. Coach Cindy Glasson and I have been privileged to have Hannah on the Hot Springs County High School Speech Team, where she has been a platform force for years now.

Hannah and I had a great conversation (as we always do, because Hannah is brilliant). She talked about her Speech and Debate journey, her experiences with platform events, her thoughts on selecting subjects for speeches, and her aversion to tournament snacks.

Hannah has a bright future ahead. She earned a Questbridge Scholarship to Vassar College in New York where she will attend this fall. She is a future leader of the universe who plans to dive into Media Studies. Thank you for coming by the One Clap Pod and sharing your thoughts in a fun conversation, Hannah!



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