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Episode 15: A Chat with the Team Behind the Recorded Interpretative Wyoming Online State Tournament

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The coaches behind the individual events portion of the Wyoming State Speech and Debate Tournament joined me on the One Clap Pod to discuss the process and result of running the interpretative side of the Online State Speech and Debate Tournament in April. Marcus Viney (Cheyenne East), Allen Pino (Cheyenne East) and Londe Gagnon (Jackson Hole) are the Dream Team.


In a wide ranging episode of the One Clap Pod with the Dream Team, we discussed vital tracks for a Speech and Debate fire-up mixtape, recalled the planning process for the individual events side of the online State Tournament, reflected on how the tournament went live, shared what was learned from the process, and prognosticated about the future of online tournaments in Wyoming and beyond.

If you have any questions about how the tournament worked, please feel free to contact me via email ( Overall, it was a rewarding process that helped us reflect on best tournament and coaching practices - not just for online tournaments - but for all tournaments in the future.


Here are some (hopefully) helpful links:

Wyoming Speech and Debate Facebook - @wyspeech - Check out the postings from the dates of the tournament on this page to see how we chose to communicate breaks into out rounds and announce awards.

One of Viney's Award Winning Short Videos (feat. Junebug) - This was part of our practice ten second video "tournament" that Viney absolutely dominated, and it features international superstar, Junebug the Pug.

A sample google document JUDGE ROOM.

Picture of part of the Judging Events Table Google Sheet.

Online Competition Tips for Nationals from the National Speech and Debate Association.


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