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Episode 17: How the Worlds of Drama and Speech Intersect and Interact with Bailey Patterson

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Award-winning performer and Kelly Walsh High School alumnus Speech superstar Bailey Patterson stopped by the One Clap Podcast and shared her thoughts on the intersections of Speech and Debate and Drama, the many ways that Speech competition assists individuals in the performance world, the power of a cup of tea, and the humble beginnings of the Bailey and Lyle Film Podcast.


It may be a bit of an understatement to say that Bailey Patterson has an impressive bio. In addition to an intimidating Speech and Debate resume of accolades (including: Wyoming State Champion in Drama, Duo, and Poetry; three-time National Qualifier; National semi-finalist; and runner up in POI at the International Collegiate Speech and Debate Tournament in Vienna), Bailey's Drama honors are legion (including: seven Wyoming State Championships in theatre performance, two Irene Ryan nominations, a Mark Twain Comedy Acting Award for Best Collegiate Comedic Performer, a Jeff Lee Acting Award, and a Peter K. Simpson theatre scholarship). Additionally, Bailey Patterson can flat out act. I'm telling you, watching Bailey take on the role of an in-your-face, hard-swearing man in the middle of a zombie apocalypse (Dead Meat by Paige Zubel, directed by Alex Soto, a Relative Theatrics production online in May) was exhilarating and impressive (to say the least). Bailey is a tremendously talented performer.

I was lucky to have Bailey come on the pod to dig into all of the ways that Speech and Debate and Drama collide and intersect. She has some excellent insight into the many ways that Speech competition helps drama performers who want to excel in performance. We had a lively and fun discussion - and I learned a whole lot from Bailey's experiences and perspectives.

Bailey is currently a graduate student in Communication at the University of Wyoming. She teaches Public Speaking to undergraduates and also performs as much as she is able. She is hoping to audition to the Master of Fine Arts Performance and Pedagogy program so she can teach acting at the collegiate level in Wyoming.

I would love to have more future conversations with Bailey about film, speech, performance, or anything. I'm convinced that Bailey brings levity, measured discernment, and joy to any conversation. Thank you so much to Bailey for appearing on the One Clap Podcast!


I stand by the NSDA statement on George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. I read the statement in full on this episode of the podcast. It is located HERE.


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