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Episode 18: Petra Van Court Demystifies K Debate and Speaks Out on Student Advocacy

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Petra Van Court knows debate. The Cheyenne East Speech and Debate alumnus and Assistant Coach at Norman North High School in Oklahoma visited the One Clap Podcast to give a crash course on "K" (kritik) debate, explain why coaching debate is beyond awesome, and discuss ins-and-outs of student advocacy.


Petra Van Court is a self-professed "true debate nerd" who qualified for Nationals in Policy Debate twice when she competed with Cheyenne East. These days, Petra uses her debate knowledge and experience to help prep her students at Norman North HS while she attends school at the University of Oklahoma where she is finishing a Sociology degree.

Petra shared some of her debate chops on the One Clap Pod in a fun and interesting conversation. She explained her take on Kritik (K) debate - how a "K" works, why it is sometimes effective, and why many of her debaters often choose to use the "K" in debates. Petra also shared the story of her Speech and Debate journey, talked about how Lincoln-Douglas helped her improve as a Policy debater, and discussed ways that debate coaches can and should be an advocate for their students. Psst, Petra also loves pretzels.

Thanks for coming by the One Clap Pod, Petra, and sharing your ideas, perspective, and knowledge with us!


Congratulations to all of the Wyoming Speech and Debate students who competed at the National Speech and Debate Tournament Online last week! We are so proud of you!


I stand by the NSDA statement on George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. I read the statement in full on this episode of the podcast. It is located HERE.


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