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Episode 25: College Forensics, a Heart for Activism & Making the Most of Ten Minutes w/ Connor Sears

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Two-time National Speech and Debate Tournament main event staging superstar and all-around good guy, Connor Sears dropped by the One Clap Podcast. The former East Thunderbird, now a competitor for Bradley University Forensics, told me about his high school rollercoaster ride with Speech and Debate, his newfound love for chess, and how collegiate competition has helped him take his activism to the next level.


Connor Sears was certainly on everyone in the State of Wyoming’s radar (and on every tournament's final stage) for the three years he competed for the Cheyenne East Speech and Debate Team. His success was highlighted by back-to-back trips to the main event National Finals Stage for Humorous Interpretation his junior and senior years. He finished second and fifth - an incredible accomplishment - and one that has helped usher in Wyoming relevance at the National level.

Connor is now attending Bradley University where he competes with the Speech and Debate team and studies Organizational Communications. Connor appreciates the way that Speech and Debate gives competitors a chance to have a voice, and he encourages everyone to use the ten minutes they have to make a difference in the world - to ignite a heart for activism.

Thanks so much to Connor for giving his time, thoughtful expertise, and characteristic positive energy on the podcast. I can't wait to take Connor down in a chess match while eating hard butterscotch candies the next time fate brings us together at a Forensics tournament!


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