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Episode 28: Coach Rick Dorn on Balancing Drama/Forensics & Building Meaningful Student Relationships

Worland High School Head Speech and Debate Coach and Drama Director Rick Dorn dropped by the One Clap Podcast for a candid discussion about balancing programs and building meaningful relationships with students.


Coach Rick Dorn is a two diamond coach and two time winner of 3A Wyoming Coach of the Year who is consistently guiding his Worland Speech and Debate teams into the top three finishers in 3A sweepstakes at the Wyoming State Tournament every year. Rick's been coaching Speech and Debate in Wyoming for ten years and directing his Drama program for twelve years. He has been a teacher for 28 years (certified in History, English, Speech/Debate, Counseling, and Theatre), and he is still going strong. I interviewed Rick over the summer and am finally releasing our conversation to the One Clap universe.

Rick and I had a fun conversation about how Rick found himself in the Speech and Debate and Drama worlds (spoiler: he got his start portraying a classic villain, Satan), how he takes his nerdiness to the next level at Comic Cons, how he needs soda to survive, how he works hard to get to know his students, how he loves watching students find their niche and excel, and how he balances all the responsibilities of Speech and Debate Coach and Drama Director without losing his passion for his work.

Thanks so much to Rick for giving his time and sharing his expertise and ideas with us on the One Clap Podcast!

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