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Episode 3: Leading the Way with Coach Londe Gagnon

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Jackson Hole High School Speech and Debate Head Coach Londe Gagnon gives us all the juicy details about how she became a Speech and Debate Diva. Londe opened up about leadership roles in the Wyoming community, updated us on the State and Wind River District culminating tournament situations, and extolled the virtues of tab rooms that provide Diet Coke, Daylight Donuts, and Taco Bell.


Wyoming High School Forensics Association President and Wind River (Wyoming) District Chair Londe Gagnon took time out of her busy schedule to join the One Clap Pod to tell us her Speech and Debate story and discuss leadership in the Wyoming community. Londe grew up in the Speech and Debate community, because her mother was the Head Coach at Jackson when she was growing up. Londe has been the Head Coach at Jackson Hole for 11 years, and she was a National Qualifying competitor at Jackson as a high school student. You can find her in her natural habitat at your local Wyoming tournament in the tab room demanding only the finest in tab room dining.

If you are at all confused about the structure of the Wyoming Speech and Debate community or the democratic process of decision-making of the Wyoming Coaching community, Londe does a great job of explaining how the State Committee operates and her role in the community. She also explains the responsibilities of District Committee members and the chair of the committee. Additionally, because we are all in the process of dealing with cancelled tournaments due to the COVID-19 situation, Londe gives us an update on what the State and the District is pursuing at this time to try to find something positive in this difficult moment for our community (and the whole world).

If you want more information about the Wyoming High School Forensics Association operational rules, check out the Wyoming High School Activities Association Handbook. You can find it here:

Thank you for gracing the One Clap Pod with your glorious presence, Londe!



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