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Episode 8: Suit Up, Speak Out and the Wyoming Coaching Conference with Rachel Christoph

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Rachel Christoph, Coach of the Cheyenne South High School Speech and Debate Team, crashed the One Clap Podcast to talk about the inception of a nonprofit organization to help struggling competitors get free and quality speech clothing for competition (Suit Up, Speak Out) and what it was like to host and organize the Wyoming Coaching Conference in Cheyenne last fall.

*Above: Rachel is pictured above on the far right with the Cheyenne South Team of competitors and judges at the 2019 National Speech and Debate Tournament at Dallas, TX.


Rachel Christoph has been coaching at Cheyenne South HS for six years where she has been part of a strong, competitive program. Rachel has the unique claim to have either competed for or coached for each high school in Cheyenne - Central, East, and South. This certainly gives her a lot of coaching and regional perspective - and she claims it has helped her growth as a coach to have been exposed to so many different approaches and programs.

Rachel is an old friend who specifically came on the podcast to talk about a great program that aims to get all students in speech and debate dress clothes called Suit Up, Speak Out. Rachel founded the nonprofit organization as a way to help provide access and equality to all students through donated, high-quality clothing for needy competitors. She hopes that the organization can benefit Wyoming competitors and beyond. Rachel also came on the pod to ruminate about hosting and organizing the Wyoming Coaches Conference last fall in Cheyenne.

Unfortunately, the Wyoming Speech Community is losing Rachel. She is moving to Texas in the immediate future, and we wish her all of the best. She will be missed in the Wyoming coaching and student community!

For more information on Suit Up, Speak Out, visit the Facebook page here:

If you'd like to reach out to Rachel to talk about Suit Up, Speak Out or contact her about the possibility of some individual coaching, her email is:

Thank you, Rachel, for coming by the One Clap Pod!



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