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Informative Speaking Champ Ella Goodman Talks the Importance of Killer Jokes, Community, and Fritos

Today on One Clap Speech and Debate, we feature an interview with Cheyenne East Speech and Debate sophomore Informative Speaking all-star, Ella Goodman.


Season three of One Clap is here with a primary focus on platform events. We’ll be sharing student speeches and interviews about platform speaking for the next several weeks. I’ve got some amazing speakers lined up!

It starts with Cheyenne East sophomore Ella Goodman. Ella is a sophomore competitor for East this year, but last year was her first year of Speech and Debate. It was a pretty historic first year for (then freshman) Ella, who captured the Wyoming State Championship and qualified for Nationals with her first Informative Speech.

Today’s Speech Love episode is an interview with Ella about her experiences in Speech and Debate and Informative Speaking. Ella talked about what she thinks makes an informative speech effective and how Public Forum debate didn’t really work out for her last season. She shares some of her secrets about comedic timing and her own affinity for Fritos - despite all the corn chip haters out there.


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Thanks so much to Ella Goodman for coming on the podcast and sharing her speech and informative insights. I highly recommend checking out the link to her performance on youtube to see her visual aids and delivery.

If you have an idea or a request for One Clap Speech and Debate, shoot me an email at or reach out on the One Clap Speech and Debate Podcast website or social media - linked in the show notes.

I’m excited to be back for Season Three of One Clap! I love making the show and all the resources with it. It is like my love letter to the Speech and Debate community. It is not, however, a cost free enterprise and it takes a lot of time and effort - on top of cost - for me to produce. This Year, maybe consider supporting One Clap Speech and Debate by checking out our patreon page linked in the show notes. You can partner with me on this journey for as little as 1 dollar a month and stop patronage at any time! Thanks to our patrons: Terry, Tina, Melissa, Brenda, Aaron, Beth, Laura, Ashley, Marcus, Londe, and Debbie!

Thank you for listening to One Clap Speech and Debate… catch you next time!


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