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Episode 22: Interp Standout Justin Woolsey's New Speech & Debate Documentary to Debut on YouTube

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Cheyenne East Thunderbird, exceptional interpretive performer, and 2020 graduate, Justin Woolsey dropped in on the One Clap Podcast to share his Speech and Debate story, talk about his upcoming Speech and Debate documentary (tentatively set to be released on his YouTube channel ExBlue in August), and discuss the many intersections of film and the Speech and Debate universe.


Justin Woolsey is a funny and friendly guy - but don't think for a second that he will not arrive with intent to destroy in competition. Simultaneously competitive and kind, Justin competed for the Cheyenne East Speech and Debate Team in a number of interpretative events and steadily brought the fight to the best in the State every year. He finished at the highest merit distinction as a Nationally Qualifying competitor. Competitive and driven, Justin dreams big and sets big goals.

Not only has he set big goals in the Speech and Debate world (a world he deeply loves and cherishes), he has also put his sights on film creation. Justin's latest project marries his deep passions for Speech and film. He dropped by the One Clap Pod to tell his Speech story and to talk about this passion for film. Plus, he discussed his newest film - "Finding Our Voice: A Speech and Debate Documentary." His film follows the stories of three Cheyenne East competitors over the course of the competitive year (YuYu Yuan, Saga McAllister, and Jayden Roccaforte - all of whom all had extraordinary years in the Speech and Debate competitive universe), and he hopes the film will inspire others to take their own Speech and Debate journey.

Justin also talked about the lovely scent of Disney, the power of laughter, and the way that fruit snacks are just as healthy (if not MORE healthy) than actually fruits and vegetables.

Thanks so much to Justin for taking time to share with us on the One Clap Podcast. Make sure to check out his new film! He hopes to have it live on his YouTube channel by August 20th.


Justin's YouTube Channel:

Finding Our Voice - A Speech & Debate Documentary - Official Trailer:


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