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One Year of One Clap Speech and Debate: Celebration and Update Episode

Clappy First Birthday, One Clap!


Today’s One Clap Speech and Debate episode is a quick celebration of One Year of One Clap - with a little bit of reflection on the last year in Speech and Debate, a look back at the first year of the Podcast, and a glance ahead of what to expect in the coming year for the One Clap Pod.

It was a pretty solid inaugural year for One Clap! I started releasing episodes in the final days of March last year. While my hope to release weekly episodes hasn’t exactly come to fruition - thanks to the help of a whole lot of dedicated coaches, competitors, and friends who helped create helpful and top rate content for the podcast and enthusiastic podcast supporters who helped me stay motivated to keep things moving forward with the pod, One Clap had a really productive year!

Here are just a few of the stats from one year of One Clap Speech and Debate:

We recorded two seasons of content (we are still in the middle of season two) with 20 episodes in Season One and 47 episodes in Season Two. That makes 67 episodes total in a year of podcasting.

Our podcast featured:

  • 28 Interview Podcast Episodes with a whole lot of great guests.

    • These guests included: Marcus Viney, Jeff Pope, Lawrence Zhou, Londe Gagnon, Allen Pino, Matt Liu, Haley Lauze-Reyes, Becca Pierson, Callie Firminhac, Rachel Christoph, Zach Bearnson, Jeremiah Etcheverry, Hanna Crockett, Nick Ryan, Hannah Hu, Breeze Petty, Kinlee Whitney, Saga McAllister, Ashley Schulz, Bailey Patterson, Petra Van Court, Brianna Reeves Waddoups, Jayden Roccaforte, Dionne Roccaforte, Kambrie White, Mack Kramer, Justin Woolsey, Stephanie Cozzens, Darcy Mueller, Jean-Luc Willson, Connor Sears, Danyon Satterlee, Josh Hansen, Rick Dorn, and Rachel West.

  • 24 ROCK ON DEBATE episodes. including:

    • Jeff Pope's 9 part introduction to Policy Debate series

    • Marcus Viney's 10 part introduction to Lincoln-Douglas Debate series

    • Two LD topic analysis episodes by Marcus Viney

    • One Policy topic analysis episode by Jeff Pope

    • One PF topic analysis episode by YuYu Yuan

    • One PF topic analysis episode by Lawrence Zhou

  • Two COACH CONNECTION episodes with resources for coaches

  • 12 LONG WINTER’s CLAP - EVENT OVERVIEW episodes since Christmas

So I want to dole out a few thank yous:

Thank you to the thirty-seven coaches, competitors, and friends who have been on the Podcast. Thank you to Buzzsprout - our podcast Hosting Site. Thank you to Wix - our web page host. Thank you so much to our graphic designer, Amie Wiley. Thank you to our Patreon Supporters: Ashley, Debbie, Marcus, Londe, Terry, Tina, Missy, Beth, Laura, Brenda, and Aaron. And finally, thank you to all of our listeners!

One Clap has over 4800 listener downloads. Plus, Listen Notes has even placed One Clap in the top 5% of most popular shows globally. Out of 2,109,297 podcasts, Listen Notes has used their Listen Score (or the estimated popularity score) to place One Clap in the top 5%!

So again… Thank you all for listening!

So, what’s next for One Clap Speech and Debate?

Well, we are all gearing up for the National Speech and Debate Tournament here at One Clap. So, the plan is to create some Speech Love and Rock On! Debate episodes that will focus on Supplemental National Events, World Schools Debate, and topic overviews for the debate events. We are hard at work on these now - and hoping to get content released in time to help students and coaches preparing for Nationals put their best foot forward to get ready for these events.

Although I admit I took much of March off from the podcast to focus on the culminating events for my Speech and Debate Team, I’m planning to take a month off in the summer after Nationals to recharge and pre-record content for the next season. But, hey! I’m open to any ideas, and if folks want to work on some projects with me over the summer for the podcast, you know I’ll try to make it happen.

Best of luck to everyone out there preparing for the National Speech and Debate Tournament in June!


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