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Prof. Graham and Kevin's ABC's of Debate: E is for Existential

Are you lost in a dark maze of debate inquiry, seeking a beacon to illuminate your path? Do you yearn to infuse your intellectual discourse with a touch of cosmic brilliance? Is your hunger craving a veritable banquet of dialectical delights, crafted by a virtuoso of thought? Brace yourself, because Professor Adrian Graham and Kevin are here to lead the way through the labyrinth of debate! In today's ABC's of Debate, we shine the spotlight on episode six: E is for Existential.


Adrian Graham's whole ABC's of Debate YouTube series is available now! Check it out here:

Here's a basic worksheet for students to take notes on the ABC's of Debate:


Bio: Adrian Graham is a junior at the University of Wyoming, where he is majoring in history (and video games). He is also a Speech and Debate Coach at Laramie High School. When he was in high school, Adrian attended Cheyenne East. There he competed in policy debate, winning many speaker awards and tournament championships, including the State Championship. 


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