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Rock On! Debate #1: How Policy Debate Works and Isn’t that Hard with Coach Jeff Pope

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Rock On! Debate is your source for quick tips, hacks, resources, and rocking support to help inspire and assist Debaters.


Your instructor for the very first Rock On! Debate series will be Jeff Pope, Cheyenne East High School Policy Debate Coach. Jeff and I both want to see the same thing in the future years of Wyoming Debate: thriving Policy Debate programs with competitive students.

Jeff wants to help demystify Policy and assure all of us - coaches and competitors alike - that Policy is accessible, understandable, fun, and a debate format that should be thriving!

In way of introducing this series, there is some great stuff from the podcast about how Policy Debate is really rather simple and accessible - something that resembles a process we engage in all the time. Be sure to check out the episode of the podcast! Policy Debate has a reputation for being intimidating and hard, but we think that reputation needs re-examined.

Look for episode two in Jeff’s Policy Debate series: Teaching Policy Debate: 5 Basics You and Your Students Can Master

If you have an idea for Rock On Debate, shoot me an email at


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