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Rock On! Debate #2: Teaching Policy Debate - Five Basics You and Your Students Can Master

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Rock On! Debate is your source for quick tips, hacks, resources, and rocking support to help inspire and assist Debaters.


Your instructor for the very first Rock On! Debate series will be Jeff Pope, Cheyenne East High School Policy Debate Coach. In part two of a multiple-part Into to Policy series, Jeff breaks down five basics of Policy Debate that coaches and students can immediately start to master.

These are the five basics that Jeff discusses on the episode:

1. Each side of a debate is actually quite simple. Learn the simple functions of the Affirmative and Negative sides of the debate.

2. Learn the topic, and forget the jargon.

3. Get the arguments down first, and then get the structure.

4. The format is a lot easier than you think it is - and Jeff breaks this down nicely in the episode.

5. The jargon isn't that scary for two reasons: it is relatively simple to figure out (Wyoming State Page Terms Resource - glossary in the back) and it does not win rounds.

To hear about this in more detail, check out the podcast!

Look for episode three in Jeff’s Policy Debate series: 4 Online Resources to Make Policy Easy.

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