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Rock On! Debate #4: Flowing Policy Debate in Five Steps with Coach Jeff Pope

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Rock On! Debate is your source for quick tips, hacks, resources, and rocking support to help inspire and assist Debaters.


Your instructor for the very first Rock On! Debate series will be Jeff Pope, Cheyenne East High School Policy Debate Coach. In part four of a multiple-part Into to Policy series, Jeff tackles the basics of flowing.

These are the five basics of flowing that Jeff discusses on the episode:

1. Each argument gets a separate piece of paper.

2. Orient your paper vertically.

3. Write down three things: (1) a summary of the argument/evidence, (2) for evidence - the author name and (3) the date.

4. Leave a lot of white space in between all of the arguments you are flowing.

5. Use shorthand.

To hear about how these basics work in more detail, check out the podcast!

Look for episode five in Jeff’s Policy Debate series: The Laptop Age - Keys to Digital Debate.

If you have an idea for Rock On Debate, shoot me an email at


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