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Rock On! Debate 7, 8, & 9: CX, AFF Basics, & NEG Basics with Coach Jeff Pope

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Rock On! Debate is your source for quick tips, hacks, resources, and rocking support to help inspire and assist Debaters.


Your instructor for the very first Rock On! Debate series is Jeff Pope, Cheyenne East High School Policy Debate Coach. In part seven of a nine part Into to Policy series, Jeff shares how competitors can use cross-examination effectively in Policy Debate.

Two goals that you should keep in mind during CX that Jeff explores:

1. Clarify any of your opponent's arguments.

2. Attack your opponent's arguments.

Jeff then talks about two questioning methods that you should use to fulfill these goals:

1. Open ended questions

2. Leading questions

Check out the episode to hear Jeff flesh out these ideas.


In part eight of Jeff's Introduction to Policy Debate series, he gives a quick overview of the Affirmative Case basics.

The four parts of the Affirmative case that Jeff explores in this episode are:

  1. Inherency

  2. Harms

  3. The Plan

  4. Solvency

Check out the episode to hear Jeff explain these four parts of the Affirmative Case in a clear and understandable way.


In the last episode of Jeff's Introduction to Policy Debate series, he gives a quick overview of the Negative Case basics.

Listen to the episode to hear Jeff's quick analysis of the tools in the toolbox of a debater on the Negative side of Policy Debate.


The Wyoming Policy Debate Guide would be a great place to explore Policy Debate if you'd like to learn more.

Look for a post soon with all nine episodes of Jeff's series embedded in one place for those who want to listen to the Intro to Policy Debate Rock On! Debate episodes in their entirety!

Be on the watch for new episodes of Rock On! Debate... our next series will explore Lincoln-Douglas Debate, and Cheyenne East High School Head Speech and Debate Coach Marcus Viney will be providing the lessons and resources to help students and coaches find success in LD.

If you have an idea for Rock On Debate, shoot me an email at


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