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Rock On! Debate: Last Minute Thoughts About the 2022 NSDA Nats PF Topic with Coach Lawrence Zhou

Hey, Public Forum Debaters! Former University of Wyoming Debate assistant coach, former Team Wyoming head coach, and 2014 NSDA National Champion in Lincoln-Douglas Debate - Lawrence Zhou is once again back on Rock On! Debate. In this episode, Lawrence discusses the 2022 NSDA National Tournament Public Forum Debate Topic: The United States should establish a comprehensive bilateral trade agreement with Taiwan.


Lawrence walks through some of the finer points of the Nationals 2022 PF topic and then (because he feels like topic is tilted heavily to the PRO) specifically gives some ideas for unique approaches on the CON side of the resolution. Because this episode is so close to the actual debates, Lawrence avoids a more traditional overview and tackles a number of miscellaneous thoughts relevant to the topic.

Links for the episode:

Wyoming Debate Roundup - Wyoming Forensics Institute:

Thank you so much to Lawrence for sharing his thoughts on the NSDA National PF Topic! If you see him in Kentucky at Nats, make sure you give him a shout out!


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