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Rock On! Debate: Lincoln-Douglas Topic Analysis of the 2024 January/February Topic with Matt (and Cat) Liu

Let's start the new year off the right way, Lincoln-Douglas Debaters! University of Wyoming Director of Debate Matt Liu is here to provide an overview analysis the new January/February 2024 Lincoln-Douglas topic: The United States ought to substantially reduce its military presence in the West Asia-North Africa region.


Matt Liu has a Master's degree in Communication Studies from Wake Forest University and over 20 years of experience in competitive debate. Before joining the University of Wyoming's staff, he coached multiple national championships in college debate at the University of Minnesota, Wake Forest University, and Liberty University. He has also coached multiple national championships at the high school level while working for The Harker School, New Trier (Tree-er), and Bronx Science. While in college, he won and was top speaker at the American Debate Association national championship, and was a quarter-finalist at the National Debate Tournament. ​

Here is the post for Matt's LD Topic Analysis at Wyoming Debate Roundup:

Thank you so much to Matt for sharing these helpful thoughts with Lincoln-Douglas Debaters out there preparing for the new January/February topic!


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