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Season One of One Clap Complete, & Season Two Slated to Start in August

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Season One of the One Clap Podcast:

Twenty episodes available on over fifteen podcast platforms. Over twenty guests on the show. Over fourteen hours packed full of Speech and Debate stories, triumphs, failures, perspectives, suggestions, helps, laughs, and snack preferences.

Thank you so much to everyone who took time to be a guest on the podcast! I've learned so much from all of the talented and gracious guests on One Clap - it is such a pleasure to speak with all of you. Thank you also to everyone who took time to subscribe, listen, rate, or review the pod.

I may be on a small sabbatical at the moment, but I'm still working on the pod (minus the time that I’m hiding in the mountains, going on walks with my dad, watching Korean drama shows with my wife, reading Harry Potter with my family, or working on English 1&2/Journalism/Yearbook curriculum).

While I'm getting Season Two figured out (look for a trailer soon and new episodes with new features and segments in August), feel free to go back into Season One and enjoy all of the great content from the coaches and competitors who came on the pod. The Buzzsprout website lists all of the different podcast platforms that One Clap is currently available on HERE.

Here is the list of Season One episodes of the One Clap Speech and Debate Podcast with guests:

  1. Informational Sensational with Marcus Viney

  2. Double Trouble! Duo with Coach Allen Pino

  3. Leading the Way with Coach Londe Gagnon

  4. Online Tournaments and UW Debate with Matthew Liu

  5. Policy Debate, OJ, and Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles with Haley Lauze-Reyes

  6. Hot Takes on Team Unity and Student Recognition Strategies with Coach Becca Pierson

  7. Oratory and the Lasting Power of Speech and Debate with Callie Firminhac

  8. Suit Up, Speak Out and the Wyo Coaching Conference with Coach Rachel Cristoph

  9. Lincoln-Douglas Debate and Too Much Pizza with Zach Bearnson

  10. RSHS Policy Personalities, Coach Jeremiah Etcheverry and Hannah Crockett, Talk CX Debate

  11. Wyoming State Speech and Debate Tournament Co-Directors Reflect on the the Online Event (with Londe Gagnon, Matt Liu, and Nick Ryan)

  12. Hannah Hu Drops Truth About Platform Events and Problematic Tournament Snacks

  13. How Breeze Petty Accidentally Fell in Love with Congressional Debate

  14. Speech and Debate Nostalgia and Love with Kinlee Whitney

  15. The Team Behind the Recorded Interpretative Wyoming Online State Tournament Tells All (with Londe Gagnon, Marcus Viney, and Allen Pino)

  16. Saga McAllister and Coach Ashley Schulz Get to the Heart of Interpretation

  17. How the Worlds of Drama and Speech Intersect and Interact with Bailey Patterson

  18. Petra Van Court Demystifies K Debate and Speaks Out On Student Advocacy

  19. Brianna Reeves Waddoups Tackles Anxiety and Building Memorable Interpretative Characters

  20. Jayden Roccaforte, 2020 Prose National Champion, Knows the Power of a Powerful Story


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