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The Half Hour w/ YuYu Yuan and Spencer Travis: Ep. 27 - 2022 State of the Union w/ Adrian Graham

Hey, Extempers! Episode 27 of The Half Hour with YuYu and Spencer is live and ready for action! You are at the right place to learn, grab some research, and improve your extemporaneous craft. In this week's episode, Adrian is back with YuYu to discuss the 2022 State of the Union.


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27 | 2022 State of the Union [with Adrian Graham]

-----Description of Podcast-----

This year was President Biden’s first State of the Union address. The issues brought up were designed to highlight his success and a hope for growing bipartisanship. In this episode, YuYu is joined by Adrian to discuss this year’s State of the Union.

-----Sources from this Podcast-----

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-----About The Half Hour-----

The Half Hour is a current events podcast designed with the intention of helping Extemp competitors (and other Speech and Debate members, as well as listening for the general public) understand the importance of political, social, or economical events on a domestic and international scale. As Extemp competitors only have half an hour to prep a speech, the podcast is designed to brief competitors in the same amount of time it would take for them to prep. Each episode looks at both sides of current events while providing background information to help expand upon the issue. The Half Hour also looks into common questions that people may be asked relating to current events and will work to answer them based on credible news sources from both sides.

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