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The Half Hour with YuYu Yuan and Spencer Travis: Ep. 31 - Critical Race Theory with Lawrence Zhou

Take note, Extempers! Episode 31 of The Half Hour with YuYu and Spencer is coming in hot! You are at the right place to learn, grab some research, and improve your extemporaneous craft. In this week's episode, YuYu and Spencer discuss Critical Race Theory with guest (and a bestie of the One Clap podcast), Coach Lawrence Zhou.


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31 | Critical Race Theory [with Lawrence Zhou]

-----Description of Podcast-----

One of the most controversial issues in America may have a different meaning than we had originally anticipated. In this episode, Lawrence Zhou is joined with YuYu Yuan and Spencer Travis to discuss the controversial Critical Race Theory topic.

-----Sources from this Video-----

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-----Credits and Credentials-----

Video/Audio Recording: Zoom Video Communications

Production Recording: OBS Studio

Design Production: Adobe Spark

Hosts: YuYu Yuan, Spencer Travis

Business Information: Reach via Social Media [Links Above]

Produced By: Spencer Travis

Edited By: Joshua Mitchell

Public Relations Specialist: Camila Rivera

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Music By: Lyle Wiley (Production: GarageBand)

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