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Wednesday Claps with Coach Wiley #7: Revisiting Izzy Garcia's Interp Survival Guide Series

Updated: Jun 30

The seventh of (slightly late) weekly Wiley Wednesday Speech and Debate blogs hypes up Izzy Garcia's Interp Survival Guide series from Camp One Clap.

The constant cultural rhetoric involving destructive civil wars or an impending nuclear holocaust has left me pondering just how long I would last in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. And the answer is, clearly, not long at all. I'm soft, overly gracious, and require copious amounts of pizza for survival.

In the dangerous wilderness of Speech, some of us might feel equally inept. It's a good thing that Cheyenne South Assistant Coach Izzy Garcia has drawn upon his intrepid wisdom to put together "The Interp Survivor Guide" for Camp One Clap campers last summer. While we may not be tasked with building shelters or foraging for sustenance - make no mistake - the stakes are just as high and the competition just as fierce for interpers.

This week, I want to spotlight Izzy's four-part series. For this week's blog, I'm simply posting the title each fantastic episode (linked to the initial blog post from Camp One Clap) and a playable link to the podcast audio. Check it out!

Thank you to Izzy for his supportive survival series! With his conscientious help, we shall survive!


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