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Season 5 of One Clap Speech and Debate is going to get experimental and maybe a little bit more personal... And it all is going to kick off with a month of camp themed content in August... starting right now! 🏕️👏🐻

Well, hi there, Clappy Campers!

Camp Director Lyle here, and I sure am happy to see you!

Adventure awaits you here at Camp One Clap where campers will be immersed in a world of Speech and Debate inspiration and wisdom for a full month! 31 days of content are planned for camp, involving more than 15 camp counselors - Speech and Debate leaders who have joined up with One Clap to provide stories, ideas, and expertise!

Some of the exciting camp segments include:

  • Capture the Congress Crown with Counselor Alexis Worthen

  • Troop Leader Talk with Counselor Marcus Viney and Counselor Bailey Patterson

  • The Interper Survival Guide with Counselor Izzy Garcia

  • Croc Hiking with EZ Platform starring Counselor Ella "E" Goodman and Counselor Zcherina "Z" Villegas

  • Supplemental S’mores with Counselor Beau Annon, Counselor Clara Luzmoor, Counselor Solomon Henderson, and Counselor Rachel West

  • Camp One Clap Quiz Clash Trivia with Counselor Londe Gagnon

  • Counselor Campfire Chats with Counselor Izzy Garcia, Counselor Abiah George, Counselor Breanna Wollman, Counselor Josh Thompson, and Counselor Dani Schulz

  • Professor Graham and Kevin’s ABCs of Debate with Counselor Adrian Graham

Here is the calendar of content for Camp One Clap 2023:

In addition to all of the cool content, there will be 31 days of Social Media Challenges! We double dog dare you to take the challenge and post for all 31 days! Remember, each challenge is an opportunity to connect, learn, and grow within the Speech and Debate community. Be sure to tag our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok) or use the hashtag #CampOneClap23 when you post. If you post for at least 20 social media challenge days of August, I will send you a holographic Camp One Clap Sticker. If you post for all 31 days of August, I will send you a variety of One Clap and Camp One Clap stickers, a One Clap Speech and Debate coaster, AND a Camp One Clap magnet!

Every day new Social Media challenges will be added here (as well as posted on our Instagram and Facebook pages or stories):

I'll be posting my daily Social Media Challenge posts on the One Clap Speech and Debate TikTok page:


After Camp One Clap 2023, I’ll take a moment to breathe and re-assess… and we’ll see about more Season 5 content... but for now, pitch your tent, tie your hammock, and get comfortable! Camp One Clap starts now!


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Get your cool One Clap Speech and Debate merchandise here (I will be adding Camp One Clap merchandise soon!):

Check out the 2023 August Wyoming Speech and Debate Newsletter from One Clap:


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