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Welcome to One Clap!

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

A Speech and Debate Blog and Podcast for Coaches and Competitors

At Speech and Debate Award Ceremonies across the nation, the One Clap Rule was established to expedite the process of awards… to show appreciation to students who earned a trip to the finals stage, but avoid long blocks of applause for dozens of students. The One Clap is both efficient AND infectious. It unifies. It celebrates student success. It is also a moment of in-sync Speech and Debate community.

Thanks for dropping by to check out my new blog about the Speech and Debate Community.

Greetings and salutations. My name is Lyle Wiley. I am the host of One Clap: A Speech and Debate Blog and Podcast for Coaches and Competitors. I’m a small-town Wyoming English, Journalism, and Yearbook Teacher. I'm also a Speech and Debate Coach who believes in the power of #Speech and #Debate to give students skills, community, confidence, connections, and voice. I also believe in the hearts and minds of Speech and Debate Coaches everywhere who are working to bring opportunity, success, and community to students everywhere.

On the One Clap Blog and Pod we will talk to some of the best coaches and competitors out there about all things Speech and Debate (often from a Wyoming perspective but certainly in ways that could be universally useful and interesting) and look for best practices to help coaches grow their students and their programs. As a relatively new coach to the community (as of this writing, I am in my sixth year coaching), I want to share what I’ve learned and learn more from others through conversations with other coaches and explorations of best practices in this pod.

We will examine #speechanddebate events, topics, approaches, strategies, #speechanddebatecoaching moves, team logistics, and anything that comes up. Let's make the Wyoming Speech and Debate Community (and the larger community too) stronger by working together to make our students better competitors and our programs more competitive!

Join the Conversation!

Hi there! I'm curious about what YOU are curious about when it comes to Speech and Debate Coaching and Competition. What do YOU want to talk about? What do YOU want to learn about? Comment on the blog or email me at with questions, suggestions, or ideas for the blog and podcast.


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