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Wyoming Speech and Debate Wows at the National Speech and Debate Tournament!

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Congrats to all of the coaches and competitors who brought their best to the Online National Speech and Debate Tournament last week!

I wanted to take a quick moment to congratulate all the amazing Wyoming competitors! You represented Wyoming so very well, and we are so very proud of you.


Check out the students who broke into out rounds from Wyoming at Nats (including a National Champion!):

Debate Breaks to Out Rounds

Policy Debate - Brody White & Gwennan Pritchard, Rock Springs

Public Forum - Haley Neisen & Faith Powell, Cheyenne East

Extemp Debate - Brody White, Rock Springs

Extemp Debate - Josh Hansen, Jackson

Extemp Debate - Will Aepli, Jackson


House, Quarterfinalist - Wolfgang Wuerker - Buffalo

Senate, Semifinalist - Breeze Petty, Hot Springs Co. HS

Individual Events Top 60

Duo - Carly Thornton & Isaac Almejo-Ponce, Riverton

Drama - Adley Robbins, Rock Springs

International Extemp - Shiva Yeshlur, Rock Springs

Poetry - Rachel West, Cheyenne East

Poetry - Dani Schulz, Cheyenne East

Poetry - Adley Robbins, Rock Springs

Individual Events Top 30

POI - Saga McAllister, Cheyenne East

Oratory - YuYu Yuan, Cheyenne East

US Extemp - Lauren Blackwelder, Natrona


Commentary - Will Aepli, Jackson

Commentary - Makayla Kramer, Rock Springs

National Champion!!

Prose - Jayden Roccaforte, Cheyenne East


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