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Episode 13: How Breeze Petty Accidentally Fell in Love with Congressional Debate

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Class of 2020 Valedictorian of Hot Springs County High School, Breeze Petty has been a lover of debate for her whole high school career, but Congressional Debate waltzed into her life last minute - just in time for her to catch Nationals last year and sweep her off of her feet. Breeze came on the One Clap Podcast to recount the journey from Congress skeptic to a master of the gavel.


Breeze has tried a whole bunch of Speech and Debate events in her history with the activity, but it turned out that Congressional Debate was the event that won her heart. Breeze is a hard working, driven, and borderline obsessive competitor, who understands that sometimes success takes a whole lot of time and effort. She has certainly seen a lot of success in the last two years. Breeze is a two-event National Qualifier this year (Congress and LD) after traveling to Dallas for Nats last year in Congress. Coach Cindy Glasson and I have been super blessed to get the chance to work alongside Breeze on her Speech and Debate journey. She is an inspiration in more ways than one and works as hard on her craft as anyone I have coached.

On the pod, after discussing Breeze's early commitment to Speech and Debate, she shared the story of her hate-love relationship with Congress. We talked about her experience with Nationals last summer and how she plans to prepare differently this year. We also went over some of the potential changes and challenges that an online Nationals could present this summer.

Breeze ends her high school career with a clear path to success in front of her. She will be heading to Hamilton College in New York in the Fall after earning a Questbridge Scholarship. She plans to study Public Policy. Breeze looks forward to continuing to work with Speech and Debate students in the future and "to give back to the community." Thanks so much to Breeze for coming by the One Clap Podcast to share her story and learning with us!



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