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Oratory Maven Lizzy Cozzens Dishes on Deadly Dances, Speech Families, & The Art of Observation

Today on Speech Love from One Clap Speech and Debate, we feature an interview with former Rock Springs Speech and Debate platformer extraordinaire, Lizzy Cozzens.


Lizzy Cozzens, a four-year Rock Springs Tiger, team leader, and talented orator who delivered many strong platform speeches back in her competition days dropped in for a chat about all things Oratory. In a previous Speech Spotlight episode, Lizzy shared one her favorite oratories - a powerful speech entitled "Deadly Dancing." In our conversation, Lizzy discussed her Speech and Debate origins. She talked about what she thinks makes Original Oratory such an exciting event and then specifically discussed the inception and mechanics of her “Deadly Dancing” speech. Lizzy is a wellspring of great advice for orators.

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Lizzy Cozzens is currently studying Criminal Justice at the University of Wyoming. She competed for the Rock Springs Speech and Debate Team all four years. Lizzy finished 2nd at State in Oratory her junior year and competed in a wide variety of speaking and debate events including: OO, Duo, Poetry, POI, LD, BQ, Policy, PF, Info, and Drama.


Thanks so much to Lizzy for coming on the podcast and sharing her speech and informative insights.

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Our One Clap and Wyoming Speech and Debate community mourns with the Kramer family and the many others who loved and appreciated Mack Kramer - a Rock Springs and University of Wyoming debater who was tragically taken away from us too soon. Mack was a kind, hard-working, hilarious, brilliant soul, and they will be deeply missed. Rest in peace, Mack.


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