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Original Oratory Speech Spotlight: "Are You Sick of Me Yet?" by YuYu Yuan

The Original Oratory Speech Spotlight on One Clap returns once again to the talented and brilliant, YuYu Yuan, and her speech: "Are You Sick of Me Yet?"


Cheyenne East alum and bestie of the One Clap podcast, YuYu, is back to share yet another excellent Original Oratory on Speech Love. YuYu was a four-year Thunderbird and a two time Wyoming State Champion PF debater, as well as a State Champion in Original Oratory. You know YuYu from a variety of helpful One Clap episodes and her awesome extemporaneous series created with Spencer Travis - The Half Hour. The speech she shares today is from 2021, and it is called: "Are You Sick of Me Yet?" No, YuYu. We most certainly are not sick of you, and we can't get enough of this creative oratory.

A quick word about how to use these speech spotlight episodes. First, enjoy an excellent, very well done speech. The speech spotlight is another opportunity for students to share their unique and powerful voice to an audience in an audio format. So, sit back and enjoy some brilliance from our speech and debate community. Second, consider how you might use this speech as a model for anyone who is looking to write and perform their own original oratories. Third, these speeches could be excellent learning tools for coaches and competitors. Actively reflecting on what makes a speech powerful, effective, or even flawed can help coaches and competitors add more tools and ideas to their own speaking toolboxes.

Watch YuYu perform "Are You Sick of Me Yet?" here:


Thanks so much to YuYu for sharing her creative and entertaining Original Oratory. Did you miss the other speech she shared for the previous Speech Spotlight? Well, it is a brilliant one too! Be sure to check out "Naming Our Identity" on our last Speech Love episode ( and then be on the lookout for a long overdue, coming soon One Clap interview with YuYu in which she discusses her speech and debate experience, her original oratories, and a whole lot more.

YuYu Yuan - Quick Bio: Cheyenne East Competitor for 4 years, Won 1st Place in Oratory at James Logan, 3-time National Qualifier, and a State Champion - in Public Forum Debate twice and in Original Oratory. Attending Stanford University. Co-host of The Half Hour Podcast and Youtube show.


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