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Rock On! Debate: 2021-2022 Policy Novice Case Areas w/ UW Debater E.C. Powers

Hey, debaters! University of Wyoming debater and policy debate enthusiast, E.C. Powers dropped in to talk about the 2021-2022 Policy Debate Topic and explore the Novice Case Areas. You don't want to miss this episode of Rock On! Debate on One Clap Speech and Debate!


Today on the podcast, University of Wyoming Debater and Policy enthusiast E.C. Powers is our guest. We had a fun conversation about E.C.’s experiences in debate and then E.C. provided a nice overview of the novice case areas (fracking, wetlands, lead pipes, and ag runoff) for this year’s Policy Debate water topic. We went on to discuss some of the great resources out there for Policy debaters, best practices for helping new CX debaters find their feet, and, of course, snacks.


Resources Mentioned in the Podcast:

Team Wyoming ( Free resource for all Wyoming and MTN west debaters, run by the UW debate team and coaches, set up drills, practice rounds, judges for tournaments, receive feedback) -


Thanks so much to E.C. for taking the time to chat with me about Policy Debate and helping find some great resources for debaters.


Don't miss the Rock On! Debate Introduction to Policy Debate by Cheyenne East Policy Coach, Jeff Pope from last year. Jeff does a great job of demystifying CX for the novice debater. Catch all nine episodes here:

Our Event Overview of Policy Debate is full of good resources too! Plus, Rock Springs Policy Coach Jeremiah Etcheverry provides some great tips for CXers:


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Debaters, don’t stop Rockin’!


Our One Clap and Wyoming Speech and Debate community mourns with the Kramer family and the many others who loved and appreciated Mack Kramer - a Rock Springs and University of Wyoming debater who was tragically taken away from us too soon. Mack was a kind, hard-working, hilarious, brilliant soul, and they will be deeply missed. Rest in peace, Mack.


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