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Rock On! Debate: 2021 Feb. PF Topic Analysis, Aff Arguments, & Neg Arguments w/ Lawrence Zhou

The February Public Forum topic is live! Lawrence Zhou, graduate assistant coach for the Policy Debate Team at the University of Wyoming and high school coach for the Team Wyoming initiative, is here to give us his helpful and smart take on the topic.

Resolved: On balance, the benefits of urbanization in West Africa outweigh the harms.


Lawrence is an accomplished debater and coach. He won the 2014 NSDA National Championship in Lincoln-Douglas debate, and he is also the Director of Publishing at Victory Briefs. Check out some of his debate writing and work here:

Thank you so much to Lawrence for taking time to record a very helpful topic analysis. It is sure to be useful to coaches and debaters prepping for the Feb PF topic.

Debaters, don't stop rockin'!



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