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Speech Love 1: Supplemental Events at '21 Nats - The What, How, Why w/ Marcus Viney and Allen Pino

Updated: May 3, 2021

One Clap just dropped the first episode of Speech Love - these episodes are meant to be primarily focused on platform and interpretative skills. Today we are featuring the opener ep for a larger Speech Love series featuring Supplemental Event Skills to help Coaches and Students get psyched and prepare for Supplemental Events at the Virtual 2021 National Speech and Debate Tournament.


On the podcast, I hopped on the hype train for a ride all the way to supplemental station with Head Coach of Cheyenne East and Wyoming High School Forensics Association President - Marcus Viney and an Assistant Coach at Cheyenne East - Allen Pino. Marcus, Allen, and I had a high energy and admittedly sometimes wacky conversation about the WHAT, the HOW, and the WHY of Supplemental Events at Nationals this year. This is definitely the year to join us on the Supplemental Events Hype Train!


NSDA Supplemental Events - Helpful Resources/Outline




Viney’s 3 Fs - FUN, FUTURE, and FLEAS

Coach Viney's Notes for Supplementals:


Thank you so much to Marcus and Allen for sharing their supplemental event wisdom on the podcast. I’m also working with some amazing folks to bring you upcoming Speech Love episodes that focus on Supplemental Skills - including Ashley Schulz, Dani Schulz, YuYu Yuan, Josh Hansen, Will Aepli, and others. Allen Pino also jumped on with me to talk about why this is the year to get Middle School students in the Middle School Speech Challenge at Nats. Keep an eye out for these episodes/blog posts soon.

If you have an idea or a request for One Clap Speech and Debate, shoot me an email at or reach out on the website.

You like One Clap Speech and Debate? Help us grow and extend our goal to help more Speech and Debate coaches and competitors! Tell a friend and encourage them to check out the blog and an episode or two! Be sure to watch for new episodes of One Clap, Rock On! Debate, Coach Connection, and Speech Love.

Good luck to all the students and coaches out there preparing for Nationals!



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