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Speech Love 3: Debate Case Construction Tips with YuYu Yuan

We are gearing up for the National Speech and Debate Tournament on Speech Love! Today we explore some ideas for improving debate case construction with Cheyenne East senior and good friend of the podcast, YuYu Yuan.


Be sure to check out the episode for details, but here is an overview of YuYu's tips:

  1. Do research - and lots of it!

  2. Organize all the research you find into an outline of your case.

  3. Make your case like a story.

  4. Read your constructed case out loud (and time it).

  5. Experiment as you go and find what works for you.


Thanks so much to YuYu for her helpful and genius debate case construction tips. YuYu will definitely be back to share her knowledge and insight with us soon on One Clap - and we are so thankful for her hard work to help our speech and debate community thrive.

If you have an idea or a request for One Clap Speech and Debate, shoot me an email at or reach out on the website.

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Good luck to all the students and coaches out there preparing for Nationals!



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