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Wednesday Claps with Coach Wiley 1: Congratulations and Celebrations Claps!

The first of weekly Wiley Wednesday Speech and Debate blogs: Congratulations and Celebrations Claps!

Sometimes the Speech and Debate Season can feel relentless... eternal... everlasting. Many states run our activity year-round, and I honestly can't imagine that grind. For Wyoming folks, we've been going strong since October, and our formal season completed with the Wyoming State Speech and Debate Tournament in mid-March. While Nationals looms on the horizon and there are still some Speech and Debate remnants remaining, the end of the formal season is always an impressive milestone - a place to pause, breathe, and reflect on the successes of another season of amplifying student voice and helping students grow.

Here at One Clap, we believe in celebrating the achievements and efforts of all those involved in this powerful activity. From the podium to the practice room, each individual contributes to the remarkable impact of speech and debate. Join us in giving a round of claps to these remarkable folks:


To those who have secured a spot at the NSDA Tournament in June, your dedication and hard work have paid off. You've honed your skills and earned the opportunity to showcase your talents on a national stage and share your voice with people from all over the country. Congratulations on this remarkable achievement, and may your road ahead be filled with even more success, joy, and growth.


Every competitor, regardless of the outcome, deserves recognition for their courage and commitment to Speech and Debate. Whether you've triumphed in victory or faced setbacks with resilience, know that your participation is valued, impactful, and appreciated. Your presence enriches the competitive spirit of speech and debate, and your journey inspires us all.

Clap 3 - COACHES

Behind every successful competitor stands dedicated coaches. To the mentors, guides, and champions of our speech and debate community, we extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation. Your wisdom, guidance, and unwavering support empowers students to discover their voices, overcome challenges, and achieve their dreams. Thank you for your tireless dedication to shaping the next generation of leaders and communicators.


Last but certainly not least, we applaud everyone who contributes to the strength and growth of the Speech and Debate community. From event organizers to volunteers, parents to alumni, supporters to sponsors, judges to tab workers—your collective efforts create a thriving ecosystem where students can learn, grow, and thrive. Your passion and commitment fuel the success of our community, and we are all grateful for your invaluable contributions.


Let's continue to uplift and celebrate the remarkable individuals and groups who make speech and debate not just an activity, but a transformative experience.

Best of luck to all of the NSDA National Qualifiers and students who will compete in upcoming national competitions (Nats, Last Chance Qualifier, NIETOC, and others)! You all make us so very proud!


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